Event Alarms

Next world event starts at {( next_event )}
Name Level Area Time Alarm
{( e.name )} {( e.lvl )} {( e.ar )} {( e.utc | utc2local )} {(minutes)}:{(sseconds)} in Starts in {(minutes)}:{(sseconds)}
version {( rev )}
  • Click alarm checkboxs to turn on alarm for event.
  • Your checks are saved in your browser thanks to the magic of HTML5.
  • Alarms play 5 minutes before and at event starts.
  • When you hear the big ship horn, time to head to the event!
  • Hunting horn plays at event start time.
My experience, so far, is the events start about 10 seconds after the hunting horn sounds except for Shadow Behemoth which now starts 4-6 minutes late. Hopefully you will never miss the Karka Queen again.

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